In The Kitchen: Tiny Mangoes from Manabí

“The people who live in the countryside are poor, but the food from Manabí province is so good. You can only find these mangoes in the countryside, not in the cities, not in the markets. And they won’t sell them to you, mija – they give them away for free.”

Every time I drop by the house, Zoila always has something delicious waiting, which is pretty impressive given that the whole family of five lives on a combined income of about $350 a month. Today she had this beautiful bowl of tiny, tiny mangos – manguitos! – that she’d got during a family visit to Manabí, a province on Ecuador’s stunning Pacific Coast.

Mango season is only just starting to creep in and should be in full swing by December … I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “In The Kitchen: Tiny Mangoes from Manabí

  1. Ah! I miss the times when I had more time to spend with the families and for the whole month of October and November my fridge would be filled with more delicious mangoes than I could ever eat! Also remind me to tell you about a mango adventure I had when I was a volunteer..

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