260º West | Teaching English & Getting Educated in Ecuador


The girl

260º West | Teaching English & Getting Educated in Ecuador
Born in a former Portuguese colony in India and raised in England, I learned pretty much everything there was to know about multiculturalism while I was still in primary school, and have been in love with travel, culture and language ever since.

I left school with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do and spent a year working as a teaching assistant before starting university, where I ended up doing lots of stints in education-related jobs and volunteer positions. After graduating, I completed the CELTA at International House London, finally realised that teaching was the career for me, and hopped on the first plane out of London.

Fast-forward to 2015 and I’m getting ready for my second transcontinental move – this time, to Ecuador, where I’ll be teaching English at a fancy language school in the heart of Guayaquil, and volunteering with an educational development project in the poorest areas of the city.

The blog

260° West is a place to reflect on education, international development and life in Ecuador. It’s a place to think about English language teaching (ELT) and its role in the not-for-profit sector. And it’s also the initial compass bearing you have to set if you want to travel from London to Guayaquil …

My name is Sanchia, and this is my Ecuadorian adventure!


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  1. Hi Sanchia! I saw a post you wrote over on Something In Her Ramblings on Solo Travel in Ecuador, and I see that you live there now! I may have the opportunity to stay there two months as a yoga teaching volunteer. I would love to get some of your thoughts if you have the time…do you have an email address? My website email is hello@melindadiorio. I’d love to connect with you either way! I also followed you on Twitter, I’m not so great with Twitter but I think if you follow me back I can direct message you there too. 😉

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